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Nutri-Patch® Inventor, Naturopathic Doctor, Health Visionary

About Dr. Nadine Hokayem

As a girl, Nadine Hokayem watched her 36-year-old father die suddenly of a  heart attack. Growing up she knew she had inherited his genes and, wanting to avoid his fate, became interested in the link between nutrition and genetics – a field of science known today as Epigenetics.


Over time, this interest evolved into a serious commitment and to a medical career in Naturopathic medicine. At the age of 27, with a Business Degree from a NY university in hand, she walked away from a successful six-figure career on Wall Street and entered the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. She was eager to heal not only herself, but the world of people like her.

Upon graduating in 2013, Dr. Hokayem established an integrative practice in Stamford, CT and became  an acknowledged expert in Naturopathic Medicine, with media coverage on local TV news and magazines. In addition, she achieved the rare honor of becoming an adjunct clinical professor at the university where she had graduated.

As a practitioner, Dr. Hokayem encountered many patients with serious intestinal ailments, such as inflammatory bowel and bariatric conditions, which led to nutrient deficiencies, a problem worsened by their inability to absorb supplements and vitamins that are swallowed. Other patients with nutrient deficiencies included people with genetic variances that effect how they absorb and metabolize food. The nutritional gaps in the diets of these people sometimes led to more disease.

Determined to solve this problem, she had a flash of insight: Perhaps a skin patch could be used to disperse essential vitamins and supplements. Dr. Hokayem was joined in this pursuit by some of her medical students, some of whom are now colleagues and serve on her company’s Advisory Board.

For years, transdermal patches had been used to provide a variety of prescription medicines and therapies, such as Ritalin, estrogen, testosterone, and Fentanyl. After many months of research and development, Dr. Hokayem invented the world’s nutrient patch. She called it simply Nutri-Patch®.

Today, Nutri-Patch® is owned and managed by clinical physicians, with bachelor’s degrees in business and doctoral degrees in medicine. The company is at the intersection of science and nature, developing innovative transdermal products.

It offers a wide variety of supplements, with more on the way, and is the leading alternative to pill supplements, IV vitamins, powders and liquids. Formulated by physicians who understand Epigenomics, all Nutri-Patch® products contain only the highest quality sourced ingredients without binders or fillers. All products are clinically tested for safety. And the patch itself employs the exact same, proven nanotechnology as the transdermal patches used by major pharmaceutical companies. 

Dr. Hokayem is as proud of Nutri-Patch® today as she was when she invented it and personally stands by the quality of every patch.

Statements made in connection with Nutri-Patch products have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, and the products’ efficacy has not been confirmed through FDA approved studies.