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Keep the patch on for up to 8 hours. Day or night. If you keep the patch on longer, there is no risk because the patch "wears" off; after 8 hours it's effectiveness has been used up.There is no benefit for wearing the patch longer.

Yes, you can apply a combination of patches i.e. Multi-Nutrient patch + Omega-3 patch.Wearing two patches of the same product is not recommended. It may be advisable if you are extremely deficient, but consult your doctor for a recommendation before deciding to wear two patches simultaneously.

You can apply the patch on an area of skin free of lotions with little to no hair. Areas commonly used are: inner wrist, shoulder, back and torso. We recommend that the patch be applied to an area where there is minimal contact with clothing that could rub against the patch.

Yes, the patch is water resistant but not water proof.Meaning, the patch can get damp but not saturated with water, i.e. swimming, bathing and showers are not recommended.

If you are allergic to adhesives that are similar to bandages, you will likely be allergic and have a reaction to the patch. Some people are extremely sensitive and may get a slight reaction. The patch is latex free and the adhesive is rated (non-irritating to human skin). If you have any adverse response to wearing a patch we advise to discontinue use.

You might be allergic to adhesives that are similar to bandages.  It is not recommended you use the patch. 

At times the patch will peel back at the corners, which is normal. If the patch peels entirely do not re-use it. Try to avoid placing the patch in an area where clothing can cause friction against the patch. The upper front shoulder and back and upper hip between the beltline and panty line are recommended. If a corner of the patch peels up slightly, the patch is still effective. Once a patch is removed it cannot be reapplied

Creams and lotions on the skin create a barrier and can inhibit the patch. You can, however, clean the small area of skin with rubbing alcohol.We recommend no skins or lotions in patch application areas. As it will inhibit effectiveness.

Yes, it is recommended if the skin may have natural oils, lotion, or other barriers to absorption on it.Apply the patch to the clean skin after it's dry.

Day or night is fine; time of application has no bearing on the patch’s effectiveness.

Our patches are designed to be used by people that are 100 pounds or over and that is why it is not advised or safe to use for children.