Nutri-Patch Multi-Nutrients Wearable Patch: the Future of Nutrient Infused Skin Patches

Introducing the Nutrient Infused Skin Patches, a convenient and effective solution for boosting your wellness. Each pack contains 30 patches infused with essential nutrients. Designed for optimal absorption to the skin, this easy-to-use patch nourishes the skin and provides a steady release of nutrients to support overall wellness and well-being.

What Are Nutrient Infused Skin Patches?

The concept behind Nutri-Patch is simple yet effective. The patch is applied to the skin, gradually releasing nutrients over time and nourishing your skin. These nutrients may cross the skin barrier, ensuring a steady and controlled release. This method offers a convenient and hassle-free way to nourish your skin and your well being.

How to Use Nutri-Patch’s Multi-Nutrients Wearable Patch

In only three steps, your body will benefit from the nutrients it needs to stay well.

Step 1: Remove the patch from the package.

Step 2: Carefully peel off the patch.

Step 3: Apply the patch to clean, hairless, and venous skin, such as the inner wrist, arm, or shoulder.

Applying each patch to a clean, product-free section of your skin is important for maximum effect and to promote proper nutrient absorption. Although our patches are not waterproof, wetting them will not affect their use.

Experience the Future of Wellness with Nutri-Patch

Say goodbye to traditional swallowing pills and drinking your vitamin supplements and their inefficiencies and embrace wellness's future with Nutri-Patch's Multi-Nutrients Topical Patch. These Nutrient Infused Skin Patches provide an effective, convenient, and innovative solution for optimal well-being. Join the countless individuals who have transformed their wellness routines with Nutri-Patch and experience the difference for yourself.

Call us if you have questions, or click the link to buy.

Multi-Nutrients in a Topical Patch

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Joint & Inflamm Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Antioxidant Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Omegas-3 Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Sunshine D Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Multi-Nutrient w/o Iron in a Topical Patch

Build a Bundle of 3

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