Wellness that Sticks: Discover the Power of Nutri-Patch Nutrient-Infused Patches

Ensuring our bodies receive the necessary nutrients is crucial in pursuing vitality. However, traditional methods of vitamin intake, such as pills and capsules, often fall short due to the digestive process, which can prevent up to 80% of the nutrients from being absorbed. This is where Nutri-Patch comes in—a truly innovative and groundbreaking wellness solution that sticks to your skin.

Wellness that Sticks

How does Nutri-Patch work?

The concept behind Nutri-Patch is simple yet effective. The patch is applied to the skin, gradually releasing nutrients over time and nourishing your skin. These nutrients may cross the skin barrier, ensuring a steady and controlled release. This method offers a convenient and hassle-free way to nourish your skin.

Benefits of Nutri-Patch

  1. Enhanced Absorption: With Nutri-Patch, you can say goodbye to digestive system inefficiencies. Our patches are designed to deliver these essential nutrients to the skin, where they may cross the skin barrier, ensuring you get the most out of every patch.
  2. Convenience: No more swallowing pills or dealing with unpleasant aftertastes. Apply the patch to your skin and go about your day. Nutri-Patch is perfect for busy lifestyles.
  3. Consistent Delivery: Each patch is designed to release ingredients gradually, providing a consistent supply of vitamins and minerals throughout the day.
  4. Tailored Nutrition: Nutri-Patch offers a variety of patches, each meticulously designed to target specific wellness needs. Whether you're seeking a boost, enhancement of your skin or improvement of your overall well-being, there's a Nutri-Patch that's just right for you.
  5. WELLNESS INGREDIENTS ONLY: hypoallergenic, free of drugs, artificial dyes, and fragrances.

Get Started with Nutri-Patch Today

Ready to experience wellness that sticks? Visit our website to explore our range of vitamin patches and find the perfect one for your needs. Join the Nutri-Patch community and take the first step towards wellness and a more vibrant you.

Call us if you have questions, or click the link to buy.

Multi-Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Energy B-12 & Complex Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Joint & Inflamm Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Antioxidant Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Omegas-3 Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Sunshine D Nutrients in a Topical Patch

Multi-Nutrient w/o Iron in a Topical Patch

Build a Bundle of 3

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