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Delivers nano-sized nutrient molecules right to the skin, completely bypassing the digestive tract. This highly efficient delivery system means much lower doses of nutrient molecules are needed compared to supplements that are consumed in tablet or liquid form.

Tablets & Liquids

Supplements that are swallowed require much higher doses of nutrient molecules for two reasons:

1. Digestion causes up to 80% of the molecules to be lost or degraded due to metabolism.

2. In a tablet, the molecule is bound to a powder. In a liquid, the bound molecule is diluted. Both these forms result in a bigger size and higher weight of the nutrient molecule, and therefore higher dose amounts are required and more to swallow.

Requires lower doses of nutrient molecules due to efficient delivery to the skin.

Tablets & Liquids
Requires higher doses of nutrient molecules due to loss of up to 80% in digestion.


Unlike some other products, we’re not promising you treatment for Hangover or Sleep, or that we’ll raise your testosterone level. Nutri-Patch® is a proven transdermal patch that delivers vital nutrients to your skin, where they may then be absorbed into your body. The goal is to add vital nutrients to improve your overall health and assist you on your health plan and journey.

Peer-reviewed research shows successful results when patients add nutrient supplementation to their health protocols. Nutri-Patch® is an important way to support and encourage the positive outcome of your current health and treatment plans. It’s also an ideal adjunct no matter where you are on your healthcare journey. Your cells, organs and entire body will thank you for trying Nutri-Patch®.