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Are you a Nutri-Patch® retail business customer, independent marketing affiliate, or healthcare provider, and want to learn more, have a private conversation with us or Dr. Nadine Hokayem, the developer of Nutri-Patch®?  Let us know,  OR  203-276-9000

AFFILIATE PROGRAM APPLICATION - For qualifying health-related businesses and brands.

Business Retailers Account Application - For qualifying health-related businesses with retail establishments, i.e. clinics and stores. You will need;
• Copy of Federal tax ID certificate or Federal tax ID number
• Copy of state resale certificate
• Copy of tax exemption certificate for the state or U.S. territory where Nutri-Patch® will be shipped
In addition, you will need to attest that you are not a reseller to another retailer of Nutri-Patch® and that the price will remain at the MSRP of $24.95.