My Greatest Discovery

My introduction to patch technology began when I needed to use a pharmaceutical patch to deliver hormones that I could not take by mouth. I understood the benefits of using the skin to deliver what I couldn’t take by mouth.

Later on, as a practicing clinician for 15 years in private practice and encountering patients with the same inability even with vitamin supplements, I saw the need for this patch product. There were those that didn’t like to swallow a lot of pills at a go. Some of the patients didn’t like the taste or the way the supplements repeated. There were pregnant women with hyperemesis and could not hold down their food, never mind their pre-natal vitamins. A family member had a colostomy and I was desperately trying different ways to get nutrients into his system. I knew that specific nutrients such as B-12 are absorbed in the part of the body which was surgically removed- the colon.

There were patients that had inflammatory bowel disease and kept presenting with many nutrient deficiencies and anemia despite high dose of supplements. I started to think outside the box - taking supplements by mouth. For the past 8 years, I have served as the Attending Naturopathic Physician at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine as adjunct faculty. I have learned much about medical student needs and been exposed to a wider patient population. This is why 15 years into private practice as a Naturopathic Physician in Fair-field County, Stamford, CT “Medicine By Nature, LLC”, I saw the need for this product.

I decided to brand a line of supplements that are, “time-released supplements on a patch.” I’ve registered the trademark as, Nutri-Patch. When I learned that there is a manufacturer that made vitamin supplements on a 3M medical grade skin tape. I knew I had to design my own brand and named it “Nutri-Patch".
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Hi Dr. Hokayem,
We are two of your patients that received a sour stomach from taking vitamins orally. You have changed our lives. We now use the Nutri-Patch and have more energy with no effort at all. Thank you for your innovative way to dispense vitamins. It will help most people stay healthy without the chance of an upset stomach.
God Bless You,
Mary & Ralph

Mary & Ralph Cannici

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