Answers to Your Nutri-Patch Questions

Our nutritional supplement patches are the ideal way to ensure that you're benefiting your overall health. Whether you choose from Energy B12 patches, or Multivitamin patches, you can rest assured that you get the maximum benefits without sticking to a strict dosing schedule or swallowing large and uncomfortable capsules, tablets and liquids.

However, it's completely natural to have concerns about anything that you're introducing into your body or your wellness routine. Here are a few insights into our most frequently asked questions:


Can I apply more than one Nutri-Patch?

While it's not recommended that you wear two of the same type of vitamin patches, there's nothing wrong with wearing a combination. For instance, wearing the best energy b12 patch with an Omega-3 patch is beautiful. However, if you are considering doubling up, it's a good idea to ask your doctor first. That way, you won't overdo it on one particular vitamin patch.

Why apply a topical skin patch instead of/or as an alternative to swallowing vitamins?

When you include traditional tablets or capsules into your routine, you must be diligent about your dosing times. However, choosing a topical skin patch is something you'll only have to do once per day. The nutrients in each patch will be delivered to your body through your skin continuously over a 12 hour period without worrying about dosing schedules.

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