Tired of Being Exhausted?

Who do you know who isn’t exhausted? Exhaustion has become an epidemic in our fast paced, technology driven world. There is never enough time to get everything accomplished, and many of us suffer with the combination of high stress hormone levels created by having too much on our plate, and exhaustion as we try to get it all done. That exhaustion gets us into the vicious cycle of raising our stress levels and making us susceptible to sickness.  So how do we combat exhaustion in our modern world:

  • Get more sleep. This may seem obvious, but it is something that must be pointed out. The Center for Disease Control conducted a study showing that 1/3rd of American adults do not get enough sleep. You need a minimum of 7 hours sleep. All of the caffeine in the world won’t erase the feeling of exhaustion if you don’t get the rest you need.

  • Eat better, regularly. Most of us know when we’re eating food that isn’t good for us, but sometimes the blur of life causes us to lose focus and take shortcuts. Eating foods high in fiber, and a lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein can give you the energy your body needs to function well.

  • Get plenty of Vitamin B-12. B Vitamins help the body withstand stress and boost energy. B-12 helps your body convert food into glucose, giving your body energy. In a series of complex chemical reactions carried out by the mitochondria in cells, B12 becomes energy.  Getting more sleep and eating regularly will take discipline and commitment.

    Vitamin B12 Patch
    our Energy B Complex Patch is a convenient way to get the B-12 vitamins you need to boost your energy. It is a complex with the adequate B-12 to get your energy levels back to where you need them.

  • Energy is a key component of contemporary health and wellness lifestyles across all consumer age groups: Conceptually, energy is almost as important as concerns over weight management and physical fitness. This rise in importance is a change from the past. For the majority of consumers, the very definition of health and wellness is having the energy to live an active life. Almost a third of consumers view their energy levels as urgently needing improvement – this is surpassed in importance only by thoughts about getting fit and losing weight. Consumers see energy management as a balancing act that affects all other aspects of wellness. They take this balance into account in their health and wellness habits and purchasing, including of foods and beverages. All consumers acknowledge an implicit connection between energy and what they eat. The understanding of gut-brain connections will become more sophisticated as trends emanate outward from progressive consumers.
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