Dieting? Here’s What You Need to Know About Vitamins

It is 2018 and many of us have committed to living a healthier lifestyle - getting more exercise and eating right. Losing a few pounds wouldn’t be a bad thing either. People may make fun of New Year diets, but hey, you have to start somewhere and there is no time like the present. While you may have shifted your diet, and we commend you for it, be aware of what you may be giving up as you change what you eat, possibly missing out on things your body needs.

As sure as you need air and water to survive, you need vitamins to keep your system functioning and ward off sickness. Because vitamins are not synthesized by the body (except for Vitamin D in response to sunlight) they must be ingested from food or vitamin supplements. If you’re not eating the right array of foods you will not get the vitamins your body needs.

What Your Body Requires

There are federal guidelines that outline the minimum daily requirements for vitamins and key minerals. Yet they can be very confusing, especially for those trying to lose weight. Your best bet is to get as many vitamins and minerals as you need through a diverse diet that emphasizes vegetables and fruit, legumes, protein, dairy, and whole grains. Doing so will help you get the nutrients you need on a daily basis.

When You Need Help

It is one thing to talk about a well rounded, healthy diet, but quite another one to actually make it happen, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Add to that the crazy-fast, stressful world most of us inhabit and it is clear how best laid plans to eat a diverse, vitamin rich diet can be derailed. That’s where supplements can help, and our Nutri-Patch is a simple solution to provide the vitamins your body needs.

Unlike vitamin pills, our patches deliver vitamins via the skin, bypassing the acidic environment of the digestive system. Pills require vitamins to pass through the digestive tract and be broken down in the stomach - something that can be difficult on the digestive system. It can also diminish the effectiveness of the supplement and have side effects including nausea, bad breath, and gas.

Because our patches deliver via the skin, vitamins are supplied gradually and constantly over an eight hour period rather than in one large dose. Using the skin’s natural barrier properties, Nutri-Patch’s constant supplement release results in steadier blood levels compared to most oral supplements. While dieting it would be wise to take a multi-vitamin and B12 supplement. If you’re in colder, greyer climates, our Vitamin D patch can help you get the amount you need. We fully support dieters trying to lose weight, but just make sure you take care of yourself on the journey.

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