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October 05, 2021 3 min read

Health is a gold mine, and the recent pandemic has made us realize that it is only necessary to list it on top of our other priorities. Many individuals have opted to transition into a healthier lifestyle, mainly to protect themselves from viruses and diseases that may risk their life. Some have also relied on eating foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals, accompanied by frequent home workouts. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for good health, and eating a well-balanced diet will replenish your body with the nutrients it needs.


However, not many people can consistently ensure a healthy and well-balanced diet. That's why they take vitamin supplements daily to supply their body with the vitamins and minerals it lacks. Supplement in-take is widely popular and practiced in all age groups, and at least 77% of adults in America take vitamin supplements every day. 


Conversely, taking multiple supplements every day exhausts some, resulting in an unwillingness to continue the vitamin intake. This phenomenon is what they call "pill fatigue," whereas individuals feel burdened when taking various doses regularly. Pill fatigue also includes instances where individuals encounter difficulty in swallowing their pills. 


Pill fatigue has been raised as a subject of concern as it immensely influences an individual's compliance to prescribed pill intake and might affect general health. This fatigue has taken a toll on supplement companies and inspired them to generate novel supplement formats to help and delight consumers concerning supplement intake. 


In an attempt to address pill fatigue, alternative supplement formats have been developed. Supplements have since delivered vitamins and nutrients through various systems, such as liquids, gels, chewable pills, gummies, and powders. These innovative formats have provided new options to combat pill fatigue and encourage consumers to continue their daily vitamin intake. Beyond softening the effects of pill fatigue, alternative supplement formats also give the consumers enjoyable sensory experiences due to the different tastes, smells, and textures. 


You can directly mix liquid, gel, and powder supplement formats with foods and beverages like yogurt, cereals, soups, teas, and coffees. Gummies and chewable pills often have bright colors and fruity tastes that are ideal not just for kids who have difficulties taking vitamins but also for adults. By doing so, we can limit the exhaustion consumers tend to experience when taking traditional pills while ensuring that they still receive the nutrients their body requires. 


However, studies have shown that the body may not absorb at least 80% of nutrients taken orally due to the digestive process. Some people also tend to forget to take their supplements due to personal reasons. These instances often result in inadequate nutrients absorption. Meaning, not all vitamins, and minerals are being delivered to your body.


Supplement patches have been introduced to the market lately to aid consumers in providing the vital nutrients their body demands. These supplement patches distribute a wide range of essential wellness components directly to the skin and through the circulatory system. Patches also contain nano-scaled nutrient compounds intended to prevent the loss of most nutrients during the digestive process. Additionally, it also offers convenience to consumers who are forgetful when it comes to pill intake. You can just peel its cover and apply it to your skin. There is no need to set alarms or carry your pills everywhere you go. 


The relevance of taking care of one's overall health has been highlighted more than ever. Whether or not you would opt to use these innovative supplement formats, it is crucial to consider that you are taking the proper supplements in the ways it is most effective.




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