Why Choose Topical Vitamins

Many people like to take vitamins daily but have difficulty tolerating them. Multivitamins are an easy way of getting extra nutrients and are particularly beneficial for picky eaters or individuals undergoing physical or emotional stress.

However, not everyone is comfortable taking a multivitamin. In addition, the pills are often large; if you find smaller capsules or tablets, you generally have to take two or more to get the recommended daily dosage.

Even individuals with no trouble swallowing these pills can find a daily vitamin regimen challenging to keep up with. In addition, gastrointestinal issues are often a side effect of vitamins. While this is harmless to overall health, it can leave the user feeling uncomfortable for hours after taking the vitamin. Coffee or other caffeinated beverages or taking the vitamin on an empty stomach can exasperate the problem.

Why Choose Topical Vitamins

How a Nutrition Patch Can Help

A topical patch provides the benefits of a multivitamin without concerns over digestive upsets and difficulty swallowing.

Pill fatigue is a legitimate concern for individuals experiencing a health crisis. Unfortunately, the benefits of supplementing their diet with a multivitamin may be lost on these individuals who cannot face taking another pill, particularly one which isn't considered necessary. Using a nutritional patch, which bypasses the digestive process, allows these individuals to get the benefits of supplementation without swallowing a pill or losing nutrients during digestion.

The idea of a topical vitamin is relatively new, but there is no steep learning curve. The topical patch is easy to use; you simply peel and apply—no need to remember dosages or to carry them around with you.

The continuous delivery of nutrients from a topical patch may make it easier for your body to utilize the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants released by the patch. In addition, with a continual release process of over 8 hours, you get the benefits of a slow and steady release of nutrients.

Available Nutrition Patches

Supplementing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We have various patches available so you can select the one that bests meets your needs. In addition to a general multivitamin patch, you can choose from a b12 patch which is designed to provide an energy boost, a patch for joint and inflammation, which contains nutrients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and MSM, and an omega-3 patch, which is designed to support circulation, brain development, and healthy cell membranes.

Our Sunshine D patch supports bone health and immune system function. In contrast, our antioxidant patch, which contains glutathione, NADH, and vitamin C is designed to help protect against free radical oxidation, which is part of the aging process. We also have a multivitamin topical patch that does not contain iron.

Ready to give topical vitamins a try? Each of our products comes with a 30-day supply, giving you ample time to decide if topical patches are the right choice.

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