Why You Need to Choose a Patch Over a Pill

Many of us had anxiety around pill taking. For some of us, that anxiety was mild; for others, it reached the level of high pressure and outright hatred of swallowing a pill. Oral administration is the most common form of medication and supplements for adults. However, that doesn’t mean we must or should accept pills as the best form of ingesting nutrition or medicine.

Supplement patches deliver nutrients to the body by what is known in the medical field as “transdermal administration.” Transdermal patches are historically safe and a better way to absorb supplements for many people. There are three key reasons patches are medically more effective:

They Eliminate the First Pass Effect on Metabolism

After you swallow a pill, it enters your digestive system by absorption and is carried into the liver before reaching the rest of your body. The liver, in turn, metabolizes most pills, meaning that only a tiny percentage of the drug gets the rest of your system. Patches allow your body to avoid the first-pass effect on metabolism, where the concentration of a medicine or supplement is significantly reduced before it gets into your system. Nutri-patch provides a direct-to-bloodstream delivery, bypassing the liver, meaning you get the entire dose over time.

Patches Provide Steadier Dosing

Instead of an intense concentration of a medicine or supplement in the form of a pill, patches allow for a prolonged release and steadier dosing, meaning that your system absorbs the medication and nutrients over time. Nutri-patch also helps those who forget to take their medication regularly with a more convenient method.

It is easier on the Digestive System.

When vitamins or medication are taken orally, whether by pill, powder, or liquid, they must enter your digestive tract, and stomach acid must then break down the matter that was ingested, causing digestive issues for those with sensitivities. Nutri-Patch avoids the digestive system entirely because the vitamins or medication are absorbed through your skin.

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