5 Nutrients We Don't Get Enough of!

May 28, 2018

5 Nutrients We Don't Get Enough of!

Even the healthiest among us struggle to get enough of some of the most essential nutrients we need. The reality is that it’s truly difficult to get these nutrients via your food intake on its own. Of course you can supplement your diet, but knowing which nutrients you may be missing helps you do that. Here are the most common nutrients people are deficient in:

  1. Vitamin B12: We regularly remind our readers of the importance of getting enough Vitamin B12 because it is so important to your good health. Vegetarians in particular may struggle because many sources of B12 are animal based. You can add B12 to your diet by eating a lot of dairy and eggs, but it may be wise to add a supplement. B12 is crucial to the health of your nervous system and your ability to produce red blood cells.

  2. Vitamin D: If you live in an area without a lot of sun, or if you’re indoors a lot, you may struggle to get enough vitamin D. Egg yolks, salmon, tuna, and cheese can help boost your Vitamin D, as can time in the sun. This is one nutrient that a supplement can really boost if the ‘natural’ way of getting enough is a challenge for you.

  3. Omega 3. If you don’t eat seafood regularly, you may not be getting the fatty acids you need. Canola oil and walnuts can help, but sometimes it seems nearly impossible to eat enough Omega 3 through our food.

  4. Iron. Many of our foods today are fortified with iron, and a diet rich in beef and legumes may have enough iron. It is crucial for healthy blood growth, and pregnant women specifically need more iron. Again, vegetarians  can struggle to get enough of this nutrient. A multi-vitamin supplement can aid you in getting enough iron.

  5. Magnesium. This essential nutrient (necessary for over 300 metabolit functions) can be found in spinach, cashews, beans, soy milk and many other food sources. It is possible to get enough magnesium through diet. However, if you’re not disciplined about your diet or you’re a very picky, you should consider a supplement to ensure you get this essential nutrient.

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